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Second Story: Bad Excuses, Worse Resistance

Working at the Baratie at Friday nights was comparable to staying
in a madhouse:

Everyone ran around in circles, trying to satisfy the never-ending
flow of costumers and in his time as sous-chef, Sanji had witnessed
quite a lot of break-downs from his fellow cooks.

After one of these exhausting days, when he could barely lift his
tired limbs, Sanji often liked to take a nice, hot bath... and this
Friday was no exception.

Sighing, he stretched out in the bathtub, willing his body to
relax and to enter a soothing state of bliss as his sore muscles
hummed approvingly at the warmth.

As always, the scorching water hugging his body made him drowsy
and it was thanks to this and his tiredness that Sanji nearly fell
asleep... if it hadn't been for cool fingers suddenly touching his
heated skin.

Sanji frowned as he felt hands wandering down his back. He knew
that strong yet gentle grip all too well... "Zoro, what are you
doing?" he asked without looking.

"Washing your back..." a voice mumbled behind him, his
hands rubbing a few sore spots on the cook's shoulder. Sanji moaned
at the welcome massage.

Then the hands moved further down, continuing their rubbing until
they reached the end of Sanji's spine.

Frowning again, Sanji let the swordsman go on, until... "M-
My back is not that far dow-," he began as Zoro's hands covered
his ass. Then a finger pressed against his entrance and Sanji's eyes
widened. "ZORO!"

Crash. Bang. Groan.

That was the usual combination curious people (and those who were
unfortunate enough to live close by) got to hear on early mornings
and late evenings.

Living with Zoro proved to be quite the challenge for Sanji... not
only seemed the man to have an insatiable sex drive but he was also
using every opportunity to grab a feel. Not that the cook minded per
se... Zoro had a way of arousing him like no other but there were
certain things that always managed to piss Sanji off.

And this was one of them... the swordsman just had the worst

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Zoro yelled
as he stood up from the ground, rubbing the place on his stomach
where the cook had kicked him.

"What I'm doing? What are you doing? I want
to take a relaxing bath and not be fucked against the tiles,
shithead!" Sanji yelled back as he stood in the bathtub, water
dripping down his heated skin. "There is a time and a place,
idiot! Try to read the mood!"

Zoro grinned. "I've no idea what you mean... I just wanted to
wash you thoroughly."

A vein began to throb on Sanji's forehead. "Yeah, right. I'm
not dumb, Zoro!"

"No, you aren't... just hot," Zoro replied and Sanji
gritted his teeth as he felt his face warming up. That damn bastard
was checking him out... his eyes wandering over every part of Sanji's
naked body, following every drop that was running down his skin. The
blond felt his skin heating up and it had nothing to do with the hot
water he was standing in.

Eyes glinting, Zoro smirked as he strolled forward and Sanji felt
himself swallowing. The swordsman reached out and touched a strand of
blond, wet hair, letting the water flow down his fingers as he
squeezed the lock between them.

"Let me wash you?" Zoro asked quietly.

Sanji's heart sped up at the low baritone and he reached out to
touch Zoro's hand. His digits were ice cold compared to his hot skin.

Zoro used that moment to grab Sanji's head for a scorching kiss,
his tongue delving into the blond's mouth, tasting every bit of the
cook and Sanji moaned, his eyes squeezing shut as he let himself be
swept away by his lover.

So much for his relaxing evening...

Zoro and Sanji were sparring, exchanging kick after kick, blow
after blow until they stood panting and gasping for breath on the

Sanji grinned at Zoro as he swept a bit of sweat-drenched hair out
of his face. They had been going at it for hours and could go on for
several more if it hadn't been for them having to work the next day.
Sanji loved this... loved to go all out against his lover until the
adrenaline rushed to his head and made him high.

Zoro felt the same way... both of them always looked forward to
these meetings as it was their favourite activity after sex.

"Another round?" Zoro asked, grinning. The cook saw his
hands twitching at his sides and knew he was feeling no less

"Fine with me but then we have to stop. There's this
breakfast thing at the Baratie tomorrow, remember?"

"I have to help Franky's team tomorrow, anyway." Zoro
shrugged and put away his swords. "Hand to hand?"

"Hand to foot, yes," Sanji replied and without another
word, they dashed towards each other.

Sanji whirled around and jumped, his foot surging towards the side
of Zoro's face. As expected, the kick was blocked by a strong forearm
and Zoro's hand shot out to hit Sanji's chin.

Sanji dived down to dodge the blow and jumped to stand on his
hands, sending out a circle of kicks as he twirled. Zoro dodged a
few, blocked others and then caught one of Sanji's legs, gritting his
teeth at the hard impact but kept holding on.

Sanji stumbled slightly as his attack was interrupted and let out
a startled cry as he was thrown down to the ground, his back hitting
the training mat.

Zoro was on him at once, his body covering the cook and holding
down his hands on each side of his head.

Lips crushed against lips and Sanji's eyes widened.

Zoro's erection was pressing against his thigh and the cook
wriggled to get out of the swordsman's grip. When Zoro groaned as
Sanji's thigh brushed against his hard member and the hold on Sanji's
wrists lessened, the cook used the momentary lapse in control to free
his hands and to push up against Zoro's chest until their lips

"Wait, Zoro! Work tomorrow, remember? We can't do this
today!" Sanji said, indignantly.

"Just tongues and hands, cook, no penetration, alright?"
Zoro asked, his voice raspy and needy and Sanji's eyes rolled back in
his head as the swordsman began to lick down his neck.

He stopped at Sanji's collarbone and kissed it, his teeth
scratching lightly against the chef's skin.

Their sparring had left Sanji pretty worked up as well and he was
having a hard time resisting when Zoro voice was so urgent, his
touches so gentle and breathtaking.

"See it as training," Zoro said, looking at Sanji with a
grin. "Stamina training."

Sanji wanted to protest one last time but his words died on his
lips as Zoro grind his pelvis against Sanji's own and their hard
cocks slid against each other.

Every thought of resistance was pushed out of Sanji's mind... all
that was left were tongues, fingers and a very horny swordsman.

Sanji smiled as he tasted his soup and found it to have the
perfect flavour... perfect as an appetizer for his meal. Humming to
himself, he turned the heat down so the soup could cook for a couple
more minutes and made to look at the ice-cream, he had stored in the
freezer before.

Just when he wanted to bend down and open the fridge, he was
stopped by two strong arms encircling his body and pressing his back
against a firm chest.

"Zoro, why are you hugging me?"

"I'm cold..."

"There are like thirty degrees in here!"

"Still cold. Make me hot, cook."

Bathroom surprise attacks, fights turning sex and always, always
extremely stupid excuses.

Things like these were what made Sanji mad... hugging him from
behind when he was cooking and using some strange excuse, lame enough
that the chef thought Zoro must believe him to be quite dumb.

The chef gritted his teeth as he tried to free himself from the
other's arms. "Will you cut it out? I'm cooking!" he said,
digging his elbow in Zoro's stomach but the other didn't make more
than a grunt.

"And I'm starving..." Zoro said and bit the chef's

Sanji's whole body trembled. The ears... why the fuck did
it always have to be the fucking ears?

Then Zoro's hand wandered down and Sanji's knees nearly buckled as
he was grabbed through his clothes and apron.

"Zoro... that's not... good. Ace and Luffy will be over in a
bit..." he said, panting as Zoro rubbed his awakening member.

"Then we should hurry, eh?" Zoro whispered back.

"I... the soup!"

"Luffy won't eat anything but meat and Ace will understand...
Come on! It's nearly finished anyway, isn't it?" Zoro asked, his
tongue now licking Sanji's ear. "I'll eat anything you cook...
no matter the taste."

And with that, the cook gave in.

Sanji moaned as Zoro pushed his hardness against him while he
continued his rubbing on the chef's front.

Then Zoro turned off the stove and with a deep growl and a flash
of his eyes that made Sanji's stomach curl in the most delicious way,
the swordsman threw Sanji over his shoulder and ignored his protests
as he carried him to the bedroom.

Their new (and thankfully much stronger) bed squeaked as Zoro
threw Sanji down on their mattress. In a matter of seconds, he draped
his body over the slender man.

"W-Wait! I've got to take off the apron..."

"Leave it on," Zoro answered in a deep voice and Sanji
flushed at the dark look.

Without further ado, Zoro opened Sanji's pants and pulled them
over his hips, leaving him bare from the waist down.

Sanji's already half-hard cock twitched as Zoro caressed its tip
and Sanji had to bite his lip so he wouldn't cry out.

"Sensitive, are we?" Zoro asked smirking as his hand
moved up and down the chef's shaft.

"Shut up," Sanji said through gritted teeth. "And
hurry, dammit!"

"Your wish is my command," Zoro said and sat up to
admire Sanji's half-naked body for a bit.

Heat spread through Sanji at the scrutinising look.

Then Zoro leaned down and touched Sanji's cheek, his lips seeking
a short kiss. "From behind?" Zoro asked and Sanji's face
heated up. Damn him and his shitty directness! "It's faster,"
Zoro added with a smirk.

"Don't act as if you don't like doing it that way..."
Sanji said, glaring.

"Hm, I like to see your face when you're coming, too. If
you're preferring it that way, then..."

With one last glare, Sanji pulled his bare legs free from under
Zoro and turned around to kneel on all four. It was by no means his
favourite position (he thought it to be a bit degrading, actually)
but whenever the swordsman was able to look into Sanji's eyes, he
loved to take his sweet time...

Zoro loved to draw the pleasure out, loved to see every single
reaction to each of his touches on the blond's face... and he was
damn smug about it, too!

No, all they had time for then and there was a quick fuck.

Sanji bit his lip as he heard the familiar opening of a bottle and
felt the first lubricated finger enter his tight hole soon after.
Months and months of hot sex but he still didn't manage to get used
to this first invasion.

Zoro moved his digit in and out, soon added another finger and
spread them inside to prepare Sanji for his much bigger member.

His eyes wandered over Sanji's pale skin, the blond's butt
sticking out towards Zoro and the bright pink straps of his apron
forming a nice contrast to the black Galley-La shirt... Zoro's

It wasn't as if Zoro had strange fetishes but seeing Sanji dressed
in nothing but that apron and his shirt... he couldn't wait a second

"Sanji, can I...?"

"Shut the fuck up and do it already, you damn idiot!"

Zoro grinned. The more the blond cursed, the more aroused he was.

After coating his cock with lube, Zoro positioned himself at
Sanji's entrance and with a quick, powerful thrust, Zoro entered.

Sanji groaned as Zoro's cock filled his body.

"Amazing... it's all in with just one thrust," Zoro said
as he leaned over Sanji's back, his fingers pinching the blond's hard
nipples through his clothes as he breathed into his ear. "Can
you feel it?"

Zoro grinned as he saw how Sanji's ears became red. "Shut up
and move, dammit!"

Not one to disappoint, Zoro did as he was told. He pulled out
until only his head was still inside and then thrust in again. Sanji
made noises that were a mix of pleasure and pain and Zoro knew better
by now than to ask if he was alright.

He knew those were exactly the sounds Sanji made when he didn't
feel good but damn amazing!

Letting the hand on Sanji's chest wander further down, Zoro
grinned as he got an idea. He traced the blond's firm abs through
T-shirt and apron and as he finally reached Sanji's solid erection,
Zoro covered it with the apron and rubbed it through the fabric.

"Th-That's... don't... will get... dirty..." Sanji
panted as Zoro worked him through his clothes. The swordsman knew he
was close and couldn't resist to speed up his pace at Sanji's needy

Thrusting harder and faster into the cook and moving his hand in
time to his thrusts, Zoro soon felt Sanji clench around him and heard
him cry out, the fabric he was using to rub the cook becoming wet
under his fingertips.

"Z-Zoro... dammit, you!"

His name on the blond's lips was all what Zoro needed and he came,
spilling his hot load into the chef.

Both stilled and panted, tried to catch their breath... and then
the doorbell rang.

Eyes widening, they hurried to clean themselves up, changed
clothes and made to welcome their hungry guests.

"A black apron? What happened to your pink one?" Ace
asked after hitting his brother on the head. Luffy had been stuffing
much more into his mouth than he could chew and kept spitting food at

"It... got dirty," Sanji said as he placed down the
dessert and glared at Zoro who smugly took a big swig from his sake.

Looking from one to the other, Ace frowned. "Dirty? Isn't it
supposed to get dirt-," he started but then his eyes widened and
a grin slowly spread on his face. "Ooooh, I get it! You
should try this new washing powder... Wonder Clean or something. It's
perfect to get sperm out of clothes!" he said and Zoro choked on
his drink. "Marco always uses it after our little role-playing
sessions... you would make a good princess Leia, Sanji."

Wide-eyed Sanji stared at Ace while Zoro laughed and dodged the
flying tableware.

Yeah, the swordsman's excuses were bad but even worse were the
cook's resistance... and his aim with his ladle.

End of Story Two.

Summary: Sequel to 'A Kiss in the Dark'. The Thousand Sunny apartment building has many stories to tell... these are they.

Hey there!

I'm really sorry for the wait! Something bad happened in my family and I haven't been able to write well in the past two weeks... I hope this will still be enjoyable, though.

Well, it's pretty much PWP, so... yeah XD

I've been a bit distracted as well... you might have noticed the new multi-part story, I've put up. That one will be my first priority for now but I'll try not to take too long to update the prompt stories :)

Getting down to business... the prompt for this chapter was:

From: Valentine's Vocation

Prompt: Ulterior motives

Pairing: Zoro/Sanji (of course)

Overly mood: Cheeky

Sex: Yes please!

Rating for this chapter: M

Hope this is what you had in mind... :)

Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece.
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